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Feb 28, 2018

Have your New Year’s business resolutions stuck?

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Posted by: rroan

For every business, the start of a new year is often the perfect time to re-focus and reflect on the past year - what went well, what didn’t and what you can do to improve and grow your business in the next 12 months.

Many business owners will use it as a time to realign goals and objectives, and often set New Year’s resolutions on how to achieve these. Now February is almost over, the big question is, have you made any progress on achieving yours yet?

According to The Entrepreneur, statistics show that only 9.2% of people ever achieve their New Year's resolutions and break free from their bad habits. While the most common types of resolutions tend to be all those common personal ones e.g. exercising more, eating healthier or learning a new skill, business owners also use it as an opportunity to set their own, whether to further develop their products and services, ramp up marketing efforts or improve time management.

With research from the Business Insider suggesting that 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, is it really worth setting them at all? Or is there a way to ensure you can meet them more effectively?

We’ve shared four tips to ensure your resolutions stick going forward:

  1. 1.      Don’t call them resolutions

Try to think of them as lifestyle changes, new behaviours or habits that you want to create, and just keep doing it. Remind yourself why you want to create the new habit and what the long term goal is.

2. Make use of your business plan

It can be easy to forget about your business plan but it is a useful tool to be revisited and refreshed on an ongoing basis. Commit to revisiting your plan more frequently throughout the year - this will act as a reminder of what your key priorities are.

3. Revisit goals

Goals are essential for creating a sense of achievement and purpose, without them we lack focus and direction. It’s important to constantly revisit the goals you have in place, celebrate successes and set new ones.

4. Write it down and tell everyone

If you really want your new habits to stick, write everything down. Put pen to paper and hold yourself accountable. Even better, tell colleagues and clients about your new resolutions and desires for the year ahead. The chances are, the next time they see you, they will ask how you are doing!

If you want to ensure you make plans and stick to them,  it could be worth working with a coach or mentor to help hold you accountable and offer advice. If you would like to have an informal chat with a member of our team to see how we could help you, call Ruth on 07899 847431.