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Communities are at the heart of all businesses; we encourage, inspire and support successful sustainable community organisations.  

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Building Business Consultancy

Building Business was set up in 2006 by Ruth Major and has since worked with a wide ranging number of companies from large global corporate to small not-for-profit charities and community groups.

We offer a wealth of skills; knowledge and experience ensuring our services meet your organizations goals and objectives.

Our aim is to add value to your business working with you to achieve success, whether that is as a consultant or acting as your marketing department or business development team.

We make sure that your experience is both successful and enjoyable; the value to your business is a long-term relationship with an organisation dedicated to achieving your long-term objectives for success.

We are versatile and flexible changing our approach dependent upon the client we are working with; we have strong communication tools to ensure that we deliver to clients using a language style suitable to their audience.

Ruth Roan of Building Business Consultancy in Northampton
Ruth Roan Founder
Nicola of Building Business Consultancy, Northampton
Nicola Baker-Jones Research and Development