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Coaching & Mentoring

Here at Building Business our team offers a Coaching & Mentoring Service. This is to support businesses, individuals and community organisations and groups long-term.

Coaching is all about working with you, teaching you the skills you need to develop you and your organisation. Coaching is very much a short-term relationship supporting you to enhance your skills, learning news skills enabling you to achieve your targets and goals. We coach people throughout all elements of our business whether that is to start a business or to support the growth and development of an existing one.

When should you think about getting a coach?

1. When you are looking to develop yourselves or individuals in a specific area relation to your organisation.

2. When you, your organisation or individuals are not performing and meeting expectations & targets.

3. When introducing new systems and processes

4. When there is a small group of people needing to learn new skills to ensure outcomes are achieved

5. When a leader or executive needs assistance in acquiring a new skill as an additional responsibility

Mentoring is all about building a long-term support relationship. This is a long-term relationship (normally 6- 12months +) supporting organisations, individuals to achieve both personal and professional success. Although learning goals may be used in creating the relationship, its focus goes beyond these areas to include things, such as work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception, and how the personal influences the professional. The aim of the

When should you think about getting a mentor?

· When an organisation is looking to develop its leaders or talent pool as part of succession planning

· When an organisation is looking to develop its diverse employees to remove barriers that may be blocking success

· When an organisation is looking develop its employees in ways that are additional to specific skills/competencies

· When an organisation wants to keep its internal expertise and is looking to invest for future generations

· When an organisation is looking to balance work and personal lives for employees, trustees, directors or volunteers

At Building Business we also offer Coaching through some of our training programmes, please see training for more information. If you would like more information on how we can coach or mentor you, your organisation and your employees please contact us