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Young Business Program

A course designed for young people 9 – 14 years old, giving them an insight to business. It covers all the elements of starting a business, it is made up of 6 one-hour sessions, encouraging young people to be enterprising.

Session One: It’s all about teamwork in business (looking at the skills of each group, what is business and enterprise and identifying what skills are needed in business)

Session Two: Generating Ideas (working as a team identifying roles, individual responsibilities, includes a team building activity)

Session Three: Marketing (market research, understanding your customers, logo design and advert to promote. This section also includes where are you going to sell)

Session Four: Budgeting & Finance (cash flow in and cash flow out, the selling price)

Session Five: Business Planning (A one page plan)

Session Six: Pitching an Idea (Presenting ideas to a panel, where a winning team will be picked if required)

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