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Community Profiling

Community profiling is essential to ensure you understand your target area and audience.

We have produced full community profiles for over 14 Children’s Centres across Northamptonshire and feel that this piece of work would be useful for any organisation targeting a specific geographical area. The profiles have been shared with schools, police, community organisations and health professionals working in the target areas who have found it invaluable information and has helped them both strategically and practically when delivering service provision.

A community profile for a Children’s Centre typically includes:

A full area breakdown for all target SOA’s within the centres reach
1. Creation of an easy to understand report on each area giving a clear picture of population size, ethnic origin, age, working statistics, education, sex, house hold income, family size, number of dependants, marital status, and benefits claimed
2. Gather information on the birth rates in each area, and maybe where these are happening (down to streets) if this information is available.
3. Complete a list of all streets and postcodes covered so we can quickly identify who falls within the catchment area, this also includes lifestyles and ACORN categories of each street which makes it easy for centres to target marketing, promotion and delivery down to street level.
4. Identify the issues there are in the target areas relating to crime, health, education etc
5. Complete a list of all the facilities that are available in each area such as a school, shop, pub, church, community centre, etc

“Our Children’s Centre has commissioned Building Business to create a profile and develop staff members’ knowledge of their reach area in order to improve the service we provide to the community. The professional approach and high standards displayed have made working with Building Business a pleasure. Despite their thorough knowledge of our field of work, they make no assumptions and ensure that we work in partnership to develop a programme that truly reflects the needs and priorities of the team. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.” (Louise Patterson, Thorplands Children’s Centre Manager)

“Building Business has enabled the staff at Kingsthorpe Children’s Centre to have a greater awareness of the makeup of our communities. This has enhanced the way in which we engage with our families in a more purposeful way ensuring that we recognise individual needs” (Jane Serbyn, Kingsthorpe Children’s Centre Lead)

If you would like more information on how The team at Building Business can complete a Community Profile for your organisation please contact Ruth on 07899847431 or email